Reflections on Conducting An Inquiry

Well, holey moley, there's a lot of stuff out there on the internet! My topic concerns the use of Web 2.0 tools in my grade 11 visual arts classroom. You'd think that would be narrow enough to be doable. Ha!

There's so, so, so much out there about Web 2.0, flat world, read/write, collaborative tools, blogs, wikis, rrs feeds, social networking, yeah, yeah, yeah (I can't bring myself to write yada yada yada). Then there's all the sites that talk about the tools being used in education: why, how, when, where, what. THEN, of course, you see interesting terms, so off I go into another tangent. What catches my attention?

  • Essential questions - how can I use tools without knowing why I'm using them?
  • Constructivist classrooms - hands-on inquiry based learning! Of course that's what I've tried to do, but didn't know it had a name!
  • Art Lessons - galore! Hey, I can use that! So what if it's not about my inquiry project (and the draft is due today, of course). Sheesh.

I've been all over the internet today. Whomever invented hyperlinking should be shot. Well, no, actually I love discovering new sites, but ahrrrr... my eyes are blurring. And my teenage daughter is making fun of me for starting my reflection with "Well, holey moley...". There's no respect.

I'm going to be moving this over to a blog, as soon as I have time to choose the one I want. I've registered for a bunch of them, but I want to find the one that is most customizable and easy to use.