Instructional Design

I am continuing my work at University of Toronto, with the addition of being added to the Zoom Support team. I am also working on various workshops and courses and working on the new Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation website and providing support to faculty around video captioning and other accessibility concerns.

Something I’ve discovered is: I love Instructional Design. I’ve perhaps been doing it for years but I never knew what to call my love of putting together sites and information on various education and technology ideas, together with graphics, resources, etc. But I’ve never done this in a systemized way and always on my own time and at my discretion. That means I could do essentially whatever I want. Create at my own whim. I’m kinda a serial website creator (esp. using free software like Google Sites and wikis).

However, now I’ve been involved ‘officially’ with developing resources so I’d been on the lookout for learning more about developing for the requirements of an organization that pays me to do something I enjoy!

Instructional Design Course

And so I decided to enrol in Elvtr’s Instructional Design course with Liana Griffin, a learning evangelist from Microsoft.. I’m on my 3rd class and so far I’m really enjoying the process and Liana’s engaging personality and stories. Liana is bringing together learning theory, design principles, and a business approach to analyzing what the gaps are and how a course may benefit the organization. I say MAY because not every problem needs a tech solution or a course. And that’s something that Liana explains as well.

I will keep you updated – should anyone be actually reading this – and if not, it’s a great place for me to reflect on my progress. And eventually I hope to share the product of my design.

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