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Artificial Intelligence and Art

Update as of December 5, 2023 – Interesting new tool being utilized by artists to “poison” their work by adding elements to defeat being used for AI – The next few posts will revolve around artificial intelligence (AI), beginning with the use of AI and art. AI in general is a hot topic because… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Art


Accepting Rejection as a Part of Life

 A virtual colleague recently posted about his work being rejected for an online art show by a huge arts education organization. If you would like to read Ted Edinger’s post, it’s available here.  He makes some excellent points about the fact that we don’t usually prepare students to face rejection. Any practicing artist, or really, anyone… Continue reading Accepting Rejection as a Part of Life


Lessons I’ve Learned in this year’s Classes

My students have a strong mix of capabilities and interests this year. It’s a tough balance keeping them interested and learning vs not leaving behind those that have different learning needs. Lesson One is to have multiple assignments going, as I’ve done in the past. Usually this involves sketching. If they finish the in-class assignment… Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned in this year’s Classes