How I Assess

Most units will include several components. These components comprise a complete mark for the project or unit.  Students will be given adequate time to complete all units in class time and are expected to submit all required parts of the assignment for assessment. As noted above, projects must be substantially completed in class.  The design process includes:

1.       Preliminary Drawings and ideas
2.       Initial Sketches
3.       Final Work
4.       Reflection

Originality and Complexity

I want you to be original whenever possible! If you go to Google and enter a search term – heart, for example – and then print out a picture that you like and copy the composition and colour and texture, that is appropriation – using someone else’s idea or concept without any modification. If you figure out what appeals to you in the picture and then adapt the texture or colours but within you own composition, that is inspiration. Taking risks and creating original work will be reflected under the category of achievement called Thinking & Inquiry and I encourage you to go for it and play with your ideas!

The other area that I look for in assessing visual arts is Complexity or depth – in ideas and also in the detail. For example, take a look at these solutions to a design challenge that asked students to portray “Delicate.” Which ones have the most meaning or reflect depth of ideas? The bow is a very simplistic and ordinary solution to the design challenge whereas the “delicate situation” drawing or the photograph of a baby’s delicate feet is a more interesting, thoughtful and creative approach. (By the way, these are not student art but representative of their ideas).

I also differentiate between students who dash off very basic work and those who put effort and details (shading, textures, interesting blending) into their works.       

So you see that a lot of factors go into assessing visual arts. If a student follows the design process, takes original, creative risks, puts effort into her work and reflects thoughtfully on what she has done, she will grow in her artistic accomplishment and her creative abilities. I love watching that happen!  

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