Ode to my Art Room

Before you leave through the art room door
Pick up stuff that’s on the floor
Check the sinks for random stuff
Tidy up chairs, primp and fluff.

Make sure to lock the cupboards
So we can see consecutive numbers
When those numbers go from 1 to 5
It helps to open quickly when we arrive.

If you finish the last paper towel
Let your teacher know so others don’t howl
Neil isn’t around in the late afternoon
So asking him earlier would be a big boon.  (*blessing or benefit)

Don’t leave your wrappers and bottles and junk
It’s quite disgusting to pick up a hunk
Of half-eaten apple or mouldy old cheese
So I’m asking you, begging you, please, please, please…

Clean up the sinks and
Clean up the tables
Clean up the floors
As much as you’re able.
Keep the room tidy for the next group of kids
When it’s your turn for art you’ll be so glad you did!

~ Computermorah ~

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