For (Diagnostic) Assessments

For Assessment, also known as Diagnostic Assessment, is used to determine what students already know and to help guide the next stages of learning. The activities in the grade 11 and 12 classrooms test their retention of former knowledge (theory, art history, terminology) and to help assess their ability to brainstorm and out-of-the-box creativity.

Examples of these assessments would include:

  • showing art work and asking students to identify the name and artist
  • asking students to identify negative space on a drawing
  • giving them a picture of a carnival and asking them to draw ‘the opposite.’

Some students like to think very concretely or literally and for those students I try to push them to take a few risks and to think beyond the literal. For gaps in knowledge (forgetting terms, for example), I will review.

Each wonderful student brings her own unique ideas and strengths to the class and diagnostics help me to guide both the class and the individual.

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