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This coming September I will be returning to teaching computer literacy. People are always confused about how I am interested in both visual art AND technology. Well, they aren’t mutually exclusive. Think digital art. Think graphic design. Think design thinking. That’s a lot of thinking 🙂

I never really stopped wanting to learn about ways to infuse learning with technology. Kids love tech -the immediacy of information, the interactivity, the ease of sharing. For art, that can mean creating or editing an image and sharing it, or designing a website, or even photographing traditional art and reflecting.

With the intention of using more tech next year, I have lots of professional development scheduled for this summer. I am currently participating in NotAtISTE18 (since I can’t be at the actual ISTE conference). This is a badge I’ve created for inclusion on a Google Slideshare of other educators who are participating. I’ve already learned all kinds of new tech tools that I can share with fellow educators, for classroom use and for organizing the vast amount of information that’s shared on the internet.  I’m looking forward to continued learning and sharing!

Note to self: Although Google Draw has a link capability, if you post the drawing on a site, the links don’t work.

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