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Cool Tool: Wakelet

Wakelet is a bookmark tool that allows you to save actual media and organize them into collections.

I see enormous potential for Wakelet! It seems to be able to save just about any content from the web, and even better, you can play YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify lists, etc. right from your board. Instructions here.

Here’s an example of what it can support (public posts, I imagine – have to check), including YouTube and Instagram. It supposedly can support Facebook posts, however I’m still trying to figure that out. Bottom line for education:
1. Have students curate their own Wakelet on a topic
2. Create your own Wakelet to support a lesson or unit

Here is one on The Art and Science of Rube Goldberg Machines –

My Wakelet Boards: (still exploring!)

Added June 2020

I just attended Wakelet Community Week and was so impressed with how they’ve grown the capabilities of Wakelet that I definitely need to explore this more. I will be creating one for a presentation I am preparing for Teach with Tech in July.

Added July 2021

I attended a webinar on Wakelet. I believe I heard someone refer to it as an academic Pinterest. Certainly it can do more, because you can annotate anything that you post or use it to write longer reflections or text. And in fact, the professors used it for journaling or whole lesson plans with their students. They didn’t use it collaboratively; however, I think that’s something I’d like to try with my computer class.

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