Lessons I’ve Learned in this year’s Classes

My students have a strong mix of capabilities and interests this year. It’s a tough balance keeping them interested and learning vs not leaving behind those that have different learning needs. Lesson One is to have multiple assignments going, as I’ve done in the past. Usually this involves sketching. If they finish the in-class assignment they can do their sketching; otherwise it’s a home project. 

‚ÄčLesson Two is having a double-period at the very end of the day. Kids start flagging. I could start with a video or PowerPoint or direct instruction, then let them have studio time.

Lesson Three has to do with explicit instructions. I was rather rushed when working collaboratively with a social studies teacher and probably didn’t take enough time to explain criteria or how to execute the project – a computer project, by the way. I’ve learned, through a feedback form, that some students didn’t understand that they were both supposed to work on Google slides on their own computer – not one typing and the other dictating.  My intention was that the partners would split up slides to fill out; however, a few didn’t realize this. So a lesson for the future.

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