Rules of the Art Room

Here are my non-surprising rules:

  1. You have 2 minutes to get to class.
  2. Students must bring sketchbook and other materials that they need for class. Those who come unprepared will be given an alternative, formative (non-credit) assignment for that class time.
  3. If a student completes a project early, she may work on art sketchbook assignments in class or a choice of an alternate art activity.
    • I do not allow students to complete work for each other. They should not draw or paint on anyone else’s work. Doing work for a friend or asking someone else to do it for you is plagiarism. The only way to grow in ability is to put in personal effort.
    • Projects must be substantially worked on in class. I need students to work in class in order to assess progress, offer feedback and observe techniques. If a student brings me work that was done completely or substantially at home, the student will receive zero.
    • No eating and drinking in the computer lab or art room except for bottled water.
    • No sparkles are allowed. None. Even for student activities. This means you!
    • Use x-acto knives on the green cutting board.
    • Don’t use art room supplies to paint your fingernails(I know it’s a crazy rule but it needs to be said). In the same vein, don’t stamp “Loser” (or anything else) on your forehead when we do printmaking.
    • Respect the work of others. Be careful where you put your own work.
    • Write your name and date on all art work. I can’t give a grade if I don’t know who did the work.
    • Please keep handouts in a binder or portfolio. Keep rubrics and reflections as well.
    • Clean up your own supplies and help clean up communal supplies.

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